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Honesty. Purity. Quality. These are the three pillars that act as a foundation for Green Temptress. Before the idea for Green  Temptress was born, we were struggling to find reliable CBD products for personal use.  Beginning a CBD company was a process with a steep learning curve, but we never gave up. We educated ourselves and began with the mission to create organic, reliable products to aid people in different walks of life. As we developed and started the trial phase of our products the amazing befits fueled our hearts with joy and Green Temptress became our passion.  Help us help you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness and share the amazing stories developing around us as we continue testing, creating, and helping one person at a time.  Each positive result bringing us closer to our goal.

CBD is nothing short of a miracle, and it has changed everyone’s lives around us, for the better. Green Temptress strives to provide its customers with some of the healthiest and most reliable CBD products on the market. That means no pesticides, chemicals, or GMO’s. Join us, as we lead the charge for the future of CBD and cannabis, with YOUR HEALTH in mind.

Temptation has never been so Pure!

Extraction Process

All of our products are created with top-rated farms and manufacturers using the safest, purest CO2 extraction methods available. Green Temptress works with farm and manufacturers that use cutting-edge formulas which work at the deepest possible level for effective results.  Each product is carefully crafted at GMP- and FDA-approved manufacturing facility, then third-party lab tested for purity and quality. 

Our Testing Process Includes

Raw Material Analysis & Evaluation

Long-Term Stability Testing

Process & Methods Evaluation Testing

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