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Share Our CBD Products, Make Money!

Whether you are a YouTuber, Blogger, Instagram Influencer, or simply have a Facebook account with family and friends, you can start making money by sharing Green Temptress' products with your followers, and be on your way to raking in some sweet commissions. What better way to make money than by making people you care about feel better and heal with natural products specifically formulated to give optimum results? Join our family and help yours feel better!


We are currently offering 30% commission for every sale where a customer uses a special checkout code, individually determined for each affiliate partner.  With no initial cost, no order minimums, and no strings attached, our affiliate program is similar to refer-a-friend program.  For every customer you refer to our site and a sale is made, you earn a generous 30% commission! The only investment required of you is your time, to inform your friends and family about Green Temptress and the great health benefits of CBD.  

So How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

At the moment, we are only offering payment through Zelle.

Our affiliate program is hosted through Affiliately, which is a third party affiliate managment software, where you are able to view your sales & commissions, and track your payments. Once you are approved after registering through the link below, you will be able to login through the Affiliately panel, which you are able to reach through the "Affiliate Login" button at the top of this page.

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